The Alpha-Stim AID is a precision medical instrument that is clinically proven, and FDA approved for the treatment of:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression

The treatment is non-invasive and drug free and unlike some drugs, the Alpha-Stim AID leaves the mind alert. The treatment is simple and can easily be self-administered at any time, following a clinical consultation. People using the Alpha-Stim AID usually report a pleasant relaxed feeling of well-being.

The Alpha-Stim is a microcurrent stimulator. It is an MP3 sized device, powered by a battery that is clipped to the earlobes via small electrodes. It sends microcurrents through the brain at a variety of frequencies. Its proprietary waveform normalises the electrical activity of the nervous system producing a calming effect. The microcurrents are at similar levels to those within the brain already. The experience is comfortable, relaxing and safe.

The Alpha-Stim AID is often the only means required to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and/or insomnia. It may also be used with medicine as prescribed by your doctor, however, psychological therapy/hypnotherapy is recommended. Hypnotherapy will help to change negative thinking patterns, and the associated negative responses, into a more appropriate positive framework. The Alpha-Stim AID will not interfere with most other treatments/therapies, and you will find the device very easy to use.

Typically, a client will rent the equipment, which they can then use on a daily basis at home. People gradually start feeling calmer, more alert and more able to cope as the ‘alpha brain state’ is reinforced. It is known that when the brain relaxes into the alpha wave state, we are more creative, and this is the state when healing and restoration occurs. Some people get an immediate effect, others may find it takes a couple of weeks or so for the effect to become noticeable. Usage times can then be reduced as appropriate to the individual.

The Alpha-Stim AID is available for rental/purchace.


Alpha-Stim M

The Alpha-Stim M uses microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) for those suffering from acute, chronic or postoperative pain. The Alpha-Stim M works with the body on a large variety of ailments, including difficult-to-treat problems. Alpha-Stim 100’s microcurrent technology produces residual and cumulative results. This means that the results achieved are long lasting. This is far superior to previous traditional transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices. Turn a TENS off and the pain returns. The Alpha-Stim M is significantly superior because MET works with tiny currents, similar to that which naturally occurs in the body. By comparison, the electric current used by typical TENS devices is thousands of times greater than natural body current.

Although when using the Alpha-Stim M a slight tingling sensation is sometimes felt under the electrodes, it is not necessary to feel this in order to achieve results. Many people feel nothing at all, except positive results. MET is applied through easy to use probes or self-adhesive electrodes. Specific treatment protocols are included with the Alpha-Stim M. Alpha-Stim technology is backed by more independent research than any other device in its class, and is used in clinics throughout the world for pain mangement.

Absolutely nothing relieves pain, anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia like the Alpha Stim. Inspired by recent advances in our understanding of biophysics, the Alpha-Stim M’s therapeutic abilities have been acclaimed by health care professionals and patients world wide. Results gained from the Alpha-Stim M have been repeatedly verified through more clinical studies than with any other device in its class.

There are currently over a hundred clinical research studies on Cranial Electro Stimulation (CES). The overwhelming majority of the research is very positive. No significant lasting side effects have been reported. Occasionally people might feel a little dizzy or nauseous, but this disappears once the device is turned down to a comfortable level. Sometimes people report being able to taste the metallic taste of their fillings. Again this disappears immediately the treatment is over. There are many articles and testimonies in the medical press.

The Alpha-Stim M is available on request.


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The Alpha-Stim AID (previously known as SCS)  has been reviewd by Dr Chris on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme in July 2011, and can be viewed here.

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